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I will be here when you real like being quiet

2017-06-09 16:37

I will be here when you real like being quiet....and when you need to speak your mind ,I will listen. ❤ 当你想要安静的时候我会静静地守候......当你需要倾诉的时候我会耐心的倾听。

Fear not that the life shall come to an end, but rather fear that it shall never have a beginning.?? J. H. Newman❤ 不要害怕你的生活将要结束,应该担心你的生活永远不曾真正开始。??纽曼

Trying to forget someone you love is like trying to remember someone you never met. ❤ 想忘掉一个你爱的人,就像试图去想起一个你从未见过的人

Never be dependent anyone in this world . Because even your shadow leaves you when you’re in the dark.❤ 在这个世上不要过分依赖任何人,因为即使是你的影子都会在某些时候离开你。

Life is too short to waste time hating anyone. ❤ 生命是如此的短暂,所以不要把时间都浪费在嫉恨一个人身上。

One day someone walk into your life, then you will realize that love is always worth waiting for. ❤ 当某天某个人走进你生命时,你就会明白,真爱总是值得等待的。

Beauty attracts the attention,but personality captures the heart .❤ 美丽吸引眼球,个性捕获人心。

Ignorance is not innocence but sin.---- Browning ❤无知并非单纯,而是罪恶.---- 勃朗宁

Waking up next to you in the morning and kissing you is the best feeling in the world .❤ 世界上最妙的感觉就是每天早上从你身边醒来,然后给你一个早安之吻!

❤The most upset thing is that you don't understand me.❤最无奈的是你不懂我.

❤ It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.Love never fails.?? Bible:Corinthians ❤凡事包容。凡事相信。凡事盼望。凡事忍耐。爱永不止息。??

❤Say what you do,do what you say.❤量力而言,言之必行

❤ While there is life, there is hope. ❤生命尚在,希望永存

❤ Towering genius disdains a beaten path.It seeks regions hitherto unexplored.❤,仲博娱乐平台; 卓越的天才不屑走旁人走过的路。他寻找迄今未开拓的地区。

❤I can't promise to fix all your problems,but i can promise you won't have to face them alone.❤我不能保证我可以解决你所有的问题,但是我保证我不会让你独自面对它们。

❤ You don’t love a girl because she is beautiful, but she is beautiful because you love her!❤ 你不是因为她的美丽而爱她,而她却因为你的爱而美丽。

❤ It's better to light one candle than to curse the darkness. 与其诅咒黑暗,不如燃起蜡烛。❤

❤Life is short, live it. Love is rare, grab it.Anger is bad, dump it. Fear is awful, face it.Memories are sweet, cherish it.❤人生苦短,用心生活。真爱不多,好好把握。生气无益,及早抛弃。恐惧很糟,勇敢面对。甜蜜记忆,好好珍惜。

❤I wish I could spend every minute of the day with you,仲博娱乐平台.❤好想每一分每一秒都和你在一起。

❤My thoughts are free to go anywhere,仲博娱乐平台, but it's suprising how often they head in your direction.❤我的思绪自由通常是自由驰骋,可它总是往你的方向飞去。

❤If you don't open up, you're never going to heal.❤解开心结,方能治愈心伤。

❤"life goes on, within you and without you"-the beatles ❤生命在继续,不管有你还是没你

❤ Do ordinary things in an extraordinary way.❤把平凡的事做得不平凡。

❤ He misses her, but he missed her. ❤ 错过只在一瞬,思念却是一世。

❤If I could have anyone in the world, it would still be you.❤纵然世间任我挑,我的选择仍是你。

It is not beauty that endears, it's love that makes us see beauty.-Leo Nikolaevich Tolstoy. ????? 女人不是因为美丽才可爱,而是因为可爱才美丽。

The most stupid thing is to show off your self-esteem before money and love. 在金钱与爱情面前卖弄自尊,是最愚蠢的事.

Love one another and you will be happy. It's as simple and as difficult as that. 彼此相爱就是幸福。如此简单,如此难。

There is a friendship, no less than love; relations are not ambiguous; talk has been confided; the outcome is always difficult family dependents; This is the friend!??有一种友谊不低于爱情;关系不属于暖昧;倾诉一直推心置腹;结局总是难成眷属;这就是知己!

It takes a minute to have a crush on someone, an hour to like someone and a day to love someone , but it takes a lifetime to forget someone. 一分钟心动,一小时喜欢,一天爱上。忘记他,却是一辈子。

It's not the goodbye that hurts, but the flashbacks that follow 。最痛的,不是离别,而是离别后的回忆。

The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart. 不可见,不可触,世上最美的只可用心去感受

I am on my way to future, where you are there. 我要去 有你的未来